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Executive Producer – Elad Poterman

Elad Poterman, manager and owner of the Role and Play company, the visionary behind the game and the great builder of monsters. When asked what his hobbies are, claimed that the list would take up a page and a half, so you’ll just have to ask him.


Second in Command – Niv Merkel


Niv is an R&D engineer with VPG Ltd. In his free time he’s been organizing and playing tabletop and live action games and events for over a decade.



Spokesperson and Website manager – Nofar Assis


Nofar Assis, MSc graduate at the Weizmann Institute of Science, marketing manager. In her free time enjoys LARP, hooping, board games and cuddling with her pets.



Head of World and Story – Erez Zvulun


Erez Zvulun, M.Ed. and MA in communications, teaches and manages D&D classes and courses, writes and runs live games in Israel and abroad.



Head of in-game Masters – Osher Elnetanany


Head of Logistics – Iram Rahamim (Pauly)


Iram Rahamim (Pauly), a master carpenter and woodworker, constructs most of our sets and cuts no corners!



Head of Mechanics – Raffi Fleischmann


Raffi Fleischmann,  31, practitioner of Western medicine, senior member of the New Community of Roleplayers in Kfar Saba, with over 13 years of LARPing experience.



Deputy Head of Mechanics – Ziv Plotnik



Ziv plotnik, a roleplayer for over a decade, owns Israel’s largest collection of role-playing books, and is struggling with an addition to crowdfunding campaigns.



Lord of Light – Noam Avrahami

Noam Avrahami, owner of Keren HaShefa, a company for games of the imagination, narrator of concerts by the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra, teaches cognitive skills and high-order thinking through games and is an all-round good guy.


Guardian of the Forest and Nature – Shimon Gleizer


Shimon Gleizer, a LARPer since 2003-4, tried to ditch the live action habit for five years without success. Wishes for world peace and for people to read more books and take better care of their children’s education.  



Iron Empress – Neta Shermeister

Neta Shermeister, owner of a martial arts dojo, holds a day job as a translator in the Philippine Embassy and an evening job as a teacher of Lightning Arnis. Loves action, combat choreography, sword dancing and all things fantasy, and an enthusiast of fancy costumes and LARPs for over 15 years. Also a mother and a full-time (and then some) wonder woman.  


Wizard of Darkness and Chaos – Julian Palaia

Julian Palaia lives and breaths live action games and has been for over 15 years now. Has been teaching role play for a living for over five years, and as a hobby pulls together groups for live action games.


Our thanks to Yoav Budner for recording and editing the video for our crowdfunding project

And to Navot Ram for our website design and construction

Many thanks to the Israeli Roleplaying Society for its assistance, and to the amazing Ayelet Katz

Finally, thank you to all the wonderful photographers of past Castle Forged runs!