Player’s rules for Castle Forged 3

Please pay attention – the rules are being updated and may vary.

This notice will be removed once all changes have been made.

A short note on transliteration

This document is written in English yet details the rules of a game that will mostly be carried out in Hebrew. While we hope that most trouble with language will be minimal, there will be cases when certain phrases in Hebrew will be used. We’ve written the Hebrew phrases in transliterated English but some sounds are hard to carry over, specifically the “ch” sound (pronounced as in “Achmed the dead Terrorist”).

Basic Rules – every player must read this!

Abilities every player must know

How to build a character?

Character transitions between games

General abilities

Fighting, weapons, armors

Economy and trading

Medicine and healing

Rogues, theft, and pickpocketing

Poisons and Assassinations

Alchemy and Potions

Creating magic items

Rules of magic

Mysticism and Rituals

Rules of death

Greater mechanics and rules of sieges