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The LARP Castle Forged 3 will be held at April 2019, and will take place in the Jacob Harari parking lot, named after Jacob Harari who was one of the founders of the nut industries in Israel.

The parking lot was built by KKL, at the heart of the Basor forest in the western Negev, the forest which KKL started planting at the early 60’s of the 20th century, and continues to develop the forest with new plantations.

The visitors of the parking lot can enjoy a family picnic under the pine trees, and also enjoy the lookout that views the beautiful scene.

What are we providing

The park that will be available to us is in an isolated place, away from the crowded parking lot, and as so we do not expect visitors at our location.

Also the place is wide and open, and as so we won’t have a space limitations.

We, as a game team, will provide shower caravans with hot water, also we are providing toilet rooms (not chemical toilets).

What about parking space?

Because the location is isolated and is closed just for us, you can park nearby (of course until the start of the event, after that the cars should be moved out) and unpack at the location itself.


Jacob Harari parking lot is shown in Google maps, but it is not the original game location.

Closer to the date of the game we will share the direct game location using the Waze application.

For people arriving by cars

You drive south to Yad Mordechai via the 4th hwy, there you turn left to road number 34, and continue straight for about 18 km.

When coming to Gabim you turn right to road number 232.

At the end of the road (a T junction), near Sa’ad, turn left to road number 25 and immediately right again back to road number 232 again.

Near Reim turn left to road number 234 until the Orim junction.

At the Orim junction turn right to road number 241.

In front of the Eshkol Regional Council (A big building to your left) turn right until you arrive to another turn right – to the game location.

If you arrived at the Maon junction – you went too far, turn back and turn left immediately.

Public transportation

No buses get to the game location.

The closest bus stops are either at Ofakim or Maon junction.

We all are part of a great community, and you can ask one of our players for a lift from Maon junction, to the game location.

Here is a list of direct buses from central station to Maon junction:

35, 135 from Beer Sheva (Dan Badarom company)

379, 479 from the new central bus station in TLV (Dan Badarom company)

36, 136 from Ashkelon (Dan Badarom company)

495 from Jerusalem (Egged company)