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Everything started almost 900 years ago when the mineral wars started. People tell that the era before that was one of prosperity and advancement, but today it is only a nostalgic memory.
Two years ago we found the castle, the inorganic mineral showed up of nowhere. It was only two years ago, but it feels like forever.
chapter 6, from the work of the historian maliber got, “the mineral wars”.
“The gods gave us a gift in the shape of the mineral, and with our stupidity we only produced death from it” – Rod Kaylin the first to his name, the first human king. Worldwide, it is known in many names, different tribes and species call it each in their own way. The common that is said by most human in similar pronunciation is “Ardentro” which is a mispronunciation of the name that he was given by the ancient ones with the meaning of “glowing ground”. From the ancient elven tales we learn about a era when the mineral was commonly used and every big city or even town was using his glow to light the streets and have proper life. These cities were called the mineral cities. The minerals brought with them magic and rituals as well, and quickly the mineral made the humans and other lesser species, in the elven tongue, fight over the control of the minerals and then the first mineral war began. Also, the destruction of the minerals led to new diseases, magical ones. Twisted people were created and undead creatures found themselves haunting the abandoned mineral cities. Quickly the humans started to see the mineral as heresy and dark magic and new era started, an era of priesthood, the destruction of magic and the secret of the minerals. Only the elves still used the minerals, and they kept the secret to themselves. After a long era of priesthood and eradication of magic and darkness, a new order of priesthood led by Lumenwiro, the priest of light. The order or Lumenwiro claimed that the minerals are gifts from the gods, and they brought with them infinite knowledge and power to those who could connect to them. The order was very radical and distant where the priests lived in the mines. Part of the magic hunters that followed them claimed that they burned inside the mine in the good case, and in the bad case that they used the mineral to suicide. Lumenwiro himself was never found, but believers claimed that he merged with the minerals and became a god. Quickly the magic dwindled and with him the minerals. Mines were destroyed by the magic hunters and wizards were forced to change their profession or practice secretly. After years without magic as a common enemy, the priesthood divided and religion wars started and finally ended after a distant kingdom took over the most known area. The chazaric kingdom was a ruthless kingdom that used most of the known world as slaves to find hidden minerals for them. The kingdom used magic and because of that they were stronger than the human kingdom in Aredntro, they used the minerals that they found with their slaves and created a new era of mineral use. The conquered kingdoms did not liked the agreement and started to rebel against the chazaric kingdom. Today these rebellions are named The Second Mineral War. The rebellions led to the fall of the tyrant kingdom and the beginning of divided new kingdoms. The use of the minerals in the wars was little, not many know how to use is properly and the main use was to light places. The few wizards left from the chazaric or any other kingdom did not use the mineral. The secret of the mineral was rare and a lot of people wanted it because of its political power. The kingdoms ruled the minerals, bought them and did many tests on them to understand their secret. One of these tests brought a huge destruction and destroyed one third of the known world. The record tell that the test made deserts and craters, and after it happened many humans escaped to the far away parts of the known world. We know that from this point the minerals vanished almost totally from the world and their secret with them. A lot of people, researchers and bounty hunters passed in the ruins of these kingdoms to test their luck and try to get part of their treasure. Part of them spoke of monsters and undead that haunt these places, part of them told about visions of light and holiness, but no remains of the minerals and their secret. Some people went to the elves in hope of learning the secrets of the mineral, but they did not let the humans come anywhere near them, some tell that the elves have history books that tell the origin of the minerals in the world, but as far as I know no one found proof to this.


From the writing of an anonymous spy, to an unknown address. Year 890.

“My lord, after hundreds of years of searching rare minerals in different places, and trying to reveal their secret we finally have a lead. In an ancient castle I have found an old journal of a wizard from the order of Lumenwiro. Between the nonsense on a godly person I have found a book that describes by details the secret of the lost mineral.

I also found a map that shows a castle in the southern area of the continent with the mineral in it. With your permission, I will go there to research immediately.


From the writing of an anonymous spy, to an unknown address. Year 891.

“The castle is empty from people, the quarried substance is in a good condition. I would have said the the rest of it is ours but I have seen more spies…

Come immediately my lord. Come with great force. “



“The year is 893, and as we go deeper into the story we found more and more information. The blue mineral that we took out of the mine and the few blue minerals that remained turned purple, that also happened to the red mineral that came from the chaos dimension from their portal. Everything turns purple and stays like this, we have no idea how it would influence stuff…”



From the diary of the military leader Carl the Third

“Day number fourteen, year 550 to the mineral war

the stony ground is not an area that is easy to walk in, an army walks in the southern heat, when it does not see anything in the distance, dry and empty land.

The first force that was under my command left the camp with sunrise, we packed our equipment and started marching. The air was thin, and many of the warriors had headaches. The water supply started to run out and before noon we had to stop and rest.

The rangers reported that they can see a lot of clouds coming towards us and that we should continue moving before the rain will start. Most of us did not believe, at that heat, in that dry ground that we walk on, but the rangers knew what they were talking about. The ground become muddy when the rain started and the dry area that we know from home looked like a totally different place. the mountains in the horizon and the ruins that remains after the war started to appear were like from a different world. The blue continent, the mineral continent. The cursed place that the Chezaric empire arrived to and then tore to pieces. For that the warriors arrived, to protect the last pieces of the mineral in the warehouse that we know about.      

The change from the solid ground to the muddy one is quite noticeable, also the weather and the surrounding are very different. We found somewhere dry, ruins of mineral city that used to be a flourishing city until few hundreds years ago. Tomorrow with sunrise we will wake up and march to the battlefield, according to reports we are really close”


“Day number fifteen, year 550 to the mineral war

We woke up from an ambush of a force from the Chezaric empire. It was more like a bloodbath than a battle. The Chezaric people caught us off guard during the night and we did not react in time, some of us were able to escape and some of us were captured and killed. They had intelligence, they had an item with a blue mineral. He probably helped them in a magical way that we do not know. This will be much harder than we thought, if they have artifacts from the ancient era and they know to use them. Who knows what they can do as well. We ran away from there, small percentage of the original force. We left behind our equipment and after a day of retreating, while we were walking on muddy land that has not dried yet after the storm, with first star we noticed that we returned to the dry stony ground of our home town, the dry ground that seemed like she wasn’t given a single drop of water. We fell on our knees, maybe because we were thankful and maybe because we were too tired, and kissed the ground. We are safe… in the distance we saw the camp that we left, with the rest of the forces there… only the thought about telling the commander about what happened hit me like a lighting, he would not like that, doubts started to fill me…”