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The campaign will be active until 11.11.18

This is an “all or nothing” campaign – This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by November 11th, 2018.

Castle Forged tickets – 95€ / 105$

Via Paypal transfer to

For affirming tickets purchase please contact Yasmin Bordiny


Who are we?

Castle Forged is a Live Action Roleplay game, in a medieval fantasy theme. The game is planned for several hundreds of players, distributed over four Major Camps and a Town group.

Come and create a world with us!

The Tales of the past…

Two years have passed since the armies departed from Castle Forged, also known as “the Mineral Castle”.

The last vain of the strongest magical component, massive force, the purple mineral.

The tides of battle have shifted. Triumphant celebrations were held in the Halls of Light and the depths of the Wild Forest, whereas plans for revenge have started taking form in darker halls. The Forces of Chaos returned through the portal in which they came from, the Troops of Iron were banished back to the Iron continent.

The Mineral Lords, who gained their title by being the only beings able to harness the mineral force, returned to the four winds of the land, knowing full well they shall clash swords once again, when time comes.

The roads are safe. All trade is properly taxed. Order reigns upon all, and the Measure of Light was brought upon the land.

Among the forces in the wilderness, this was received with mixed feelings… some were less pleased about these changes, and already plan the changes they will bring when opportunity strikes.

Horses’ hooves are beating on the roads leading to The Castle, news fly far and wide; all say that The Mineral has re-appeared inside the castle.

The Mineral that rekindled old battles and scars, carries the power to create new life, new worlds. The Mineral that yields infinite powers.

The four Mineral Lords managed to channel and use the power of the Mineral. Some worship them as Gods. With it, they defeated armies and raised their own legions, and are now riding to battle once more to seize the Castle, and hold more of that ancient power.

From the North, arrived the Lord of Light,  keeper of ancient order and justice.

From the South, arrived the Sorcerer of Chaos, spreading darkness and wreaking havoc.

From the East, arrived the Keeper of the Wild Woods, bringing life and calling for freedom.

From the West, arrived the Iron Empress, with banners raised for progress and war.

The balance of forces is continuously changing.

New factions answer the call and join the battle under the four banners, bringing powers which could turn the tide, joining those sharpening swords and preparing for battle.

The old armies still stand. However, the alliances set in the midst of war, unraveled with time. Delegations from the Mineral Lords were sent to the four winds; messengers of the Iron Empress seen in the Halls of Light, and Chaos messengers seen in the deepest of woods.
If any alliance still stands, they would need to be proven again on the Mineral Land.

Among the swords of warriors and books of alchemists, the Mineral Lords have their own goals. Orders are called to answer the banner, and hear the news, setting new plans. Some would need to reclaim long-forgotten relics, or seek ancient revenge.

Different factions called to join the forces bring their own goals and agendas, sometimes as important to them as the Mineral they fight for.

Two years after the forces departed from Castle Forged, the Mineral City reveals itself once again.

This is a new opportunity for all, from all ends of the land we come to claim the Mineral, change destinies and bring new life to the Castle!

Come and determine who will rule the Castle, who will rule the Mineral, and who will shape the World in his image!

The Technical details:

You’d probably want to know:

About the Game

Castle Forged is an open PVP sandbox LARP, in a medieval fantasy theme. The game is planned for several hundreds of players, distributed over four Major Camps and a Town settlement. Each camp has an Avatar leading it (known as “the Mineral Lords”). The Avatars, the leaders, are the only ones who can use the power of the Mineral to their will, and so they are followed by various factions coming from all over the world to fight by their banner for their common cause. Each Avatar Army is coming from a different direction to a castle built over a mine; this mine holds the all-powerful rare Mineral that all the armies want.


Castle Forged III is a five-day event, including a assembly day and disassembly day. This enables us to build a world for 72 of pure in-play game!
The assembly and dismantling days are a part of the LARP’s schedule and all players are required to participate.

Assembly Day – Tuesday, 23rd of April, starting at the morning. (All players are required to participate.)

Game Days – Wednesday, 24th of April, until Saturday 27th of April at late morning.

Dismantling Day– Saturday 27th of April.

The game will start semi-IC (In-time, In-Character) on Tuesday evening, and will officially start Wednesday morning, and end on Saturday morning. Meaning – if we all work together, we’ll build the biggest LARP in Israel!


Castle Forged III will take place in the same location as previous years, in the south of Israel, a couple of hours drive from Tel-Aviv. More location details will be available on the website.

Pre-sale tickets start at 370 ILS in the crowd-funding campaign (~88 Euro). Upon completing the crowd-funding campaign the price steps will be as following:

As of 12.11.18 ticket price will be 420 ILS.

As of 11.02.19 ticket price will be 450 ILS.

As of 30.03.19 ticket price will be 500 ILS, until announced end of registration (approx. two weeks prior to the game).

More questions?

There are two ways to contact us:

The first, is our Facebook user, Castle Forged, who is responsible for administering the group; this is the fastest way to get our response. Also note, that the Facebook user responses are official organizers responses.

The second way is to e-mail the following address: (please! Give your e-mail a subject line!)

If you raise questions in the Facebook group-

please tag the user Castle Forged in order to get an official answer from the organizers.


Assembly and Disassembly:

The organizers are responsible for setting up our glorious castle, the tavern, the general town structures as well as the gates of the four camps. Anything beyond that is done by the groups; meaning that the more you build and more people participating, the better your camp will look. Assembly day, actually, is for you to use for creating your magnificent camp. (Any Assembly work not completed by Tuesday evening, will be done in-time afterwards). Same goes for disassembly day- each group is responsible for disassembling their structures, and leave their location neat and clean. We are evaluating in-game and out-of-game options to reward helper teams who can contribute time for supporting the game (building the castle, gates, etc.), and we will update as soon as possible. One way or another, we will reward these helpers.

What does the ticket include?

A game ticket includes ground admissions, facilities (showers, etc.) and using the game structures. It does not include food, and each group should provide its own food.

How do I sign up?

Signing up to Castle Forged is done by purchasing a game ticket. Please contact Yasmin Bordiny to purchase a game ticket using international credit cards.

Choosing camps can be done at a later stage, by contacting the group of your choosing.

(Just to note, most Israeli players can speak English fluently, so any camp could support you.)

What are the age restrictions to participate?

Players under the age of 14 years are required to be accompanied by a parent, in LARP-appropriate clothing.

Ages 14-16 should have a player over 21 directly responsible for them (both in-character and out-of-character).

Only players over the age of 16 years can participate in large battles (over 20 people).

All minors (under the age of 18 years) must provide a signed parental approval to the game; we do not hold responsibility for players under the age of 18 years, and their participation in the game is per their parents’ consent.

Players under the age of 11 years receive a special discount.

This all sounds very militant, is there anything for non-fighting characters to do in the game?

Of course there is! Castle Forged is a game designed to provide space for all kinds of characters and players. Players can take in many different roles, such as diplomats, crafters, alchemists, etc. There are plotlines to discover, great many quests to complete, or you can bring your own idea to the game- crazy as it may be! Want to open a barbershop in town? Want to be the crazy old man propheting doom in the town square? Sure! You bring your ideas and the Game Masters will find a way to weave them into the game.

I have an idea for a group for one of the camps, can I bring my own group?

Sure, please contact the relevant camp leader.

You can join our Facebook group to keep updated


(soon links to the translated post/pages will be edited)





Project team:

Producer – Elad Poterman

Co-producer – Niv Markel

Light Avatar (Lord of Light) – Noam Avrahami

Wilderness Avatar (Keeper of the Wild Woods) – Shimon Gleizer

Iron Avatar (The Iron Empress) – Neta Shermister

Apocalypse Avatar (Sorcerer of Chaos) – Julian Palaia

‘Red Cap’ and head of Town Groups – Ram Belkin

Story – Erez Zvulun

Game-Masters- Osher El-Netanani

PR and spokesperson (also known as Castle Forged user) – Nofar Assis

Logistics – Iram (Paul) Rachamin

Game Mechanics – Raffi Fleischmann

Our many thanks to Yoav Budner who made the campaign video trailer, and to Yael Himmel who prepared the game teaser and previous game summary.