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Economy and Commerce

Any player can trade in available merchandise regardless of his skills and his chosen type
of character. A merchant is an IT profession that doesn’t grant any mechanical abilities. The
only ability that directly contributes to trading is:

  • Wealth and Commerce (1 CP). Grants the player 2 extra coins at the start of the game.
    This skill can be taken more than once to get more money.
    Head of Commerce
    The role of the Head of Commerce is to dictate the trading policy of their camp and to decide
    how to allocate goods to the players at any given moment. Each camp will assign a Head of
    Commerce and the chosen character will gain a bonus point in Wealth and Commerce for every
    10 players in their camp. For example, in a camp with 30 players the Head of Commerce will
    have 3 bonus points in “Wealth and Commerce”.
    The principle rules of trade and crafts
  • The basic currency in the game world is coins. With these coins players can buy things at
    the inn, bribe people and purchase training with the various guilds.
  • The most important resource in the world are the minerals around which revolves the
    main plot.
  • In addition, there are trade goods that are unique to the various camps through which the
    trade mainly takes place.
  • Four of the five camps start out with a stock of a unique commodity. So, for example
    the camp of Light starts with gems and The Wild start with pearls. The Head of
    Commerce for each camp has the authority to decide how much of their merchandise is
    released through their merchants in a similar way to how modern countries print money.
  • The Apocalypse camp does not start with merchandise. Their economy will have to
    be run differently.
  • The use of a resource to create a potion or an item consumes that resource. Spent goods
    must be returned to the GM’s after their use. In return the GM/NPC will validate the
    potion/magic item.
  • In addition to the mentioned trade goods, there exists a “mineral powder” which is used
    in certain rituals. This commodity is very precious (though still much cheaper than a unit
    of mineral). This is a concentrated form of a small amount of mineral.

What are trade goods, good for?

  • Transferring them to alchemy and crafting stations, enables the alchemists and craftsmen
    to create potions and other items.
  • Selling them to the TRADE CENTER in exchange for coins. It should be noted, that selling
    more of a commodity devalues it at the TRADE CENTER .
  • Trading them with the TRADE CENTER for minerals or other goods.
    Trading them for minerals with the Auctioneer (an NPC).