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The Technical details:

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About the Game

Castle Forged is an open PVP sandbox LARP, in a medieval fantasy theme. The game is planned for several hundreds of players, distributed over four Major Camps and a Town settlement. Each camp has an Avatar leading it (known as “the Mineral Lords”). The Avatars, the leaders, are the only ones who can use the power of the Mineral to their will, and so they are followed by various factions coming from all over the world to fight by their banner for their common cause. Each Avatar Army is coming from a different direction to a castle built over a mine; this mine holds the all-powerful rare Mineral that all the armies want.


Castle Forged III is a five-day event, including a assembly day and disassembly day. This enables us to build a world for 72 of pure in-play game!
The assembly and dismantling days are a part of the LARP’s schedule and all players are required to participate.

Assembly Day – Tuesday, 23rd of April, starting at the morning. (All players are required to participate.)

Game Days – Wednesday, 24th of April, until Saturday 27th of April at late morning.

Dismantling Day– Saturday 27th of April.

The game will start semi-IC (In-time, In-Character) on Tuesday evening, and will officially start Wednesday morning, and end on Saturday morning. Meaning – if we all work together, we’ll build the biggest LARP in Israel!


Castle Forged III will take place in the same location as previous years, in the south of Israel, a couple of hours drive from Tel-Aviv. More location details will be available on the website.

More questions?

There are two ways to contact us:

The first, is our Facebook user, Castle Forged, who is responsible for administering the group; this is the fastest way to get our response. Also note, that the Facebook user responses are official organizers responses.

The second way is to e-mail the following address: (please! Give your e-mail a subject line!)

If you raise questions in the Facebook group-

please tag the user Castle Forged in order to get an official answer from the organizers.