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Abilities Every Player Must Know

You need to know these abilities and spells, as they might be used on you during the game.

For Non-Hebrew speakers take note: most players will probably use phrases in Hebrew which you must react to. It would be best to get to know and learn to identify these words. We have written the Hebrew terms in English along with their translation, so you can get to know them. Don’t worry if you don’t remember all the words, in most cases you will be able to understand the context and react to the situation (and if one on one you can ask to clarify in English which most players are capable of).

Physical Abilities

Shield Breaker

If a warrior simultaneously strikes and shouts “Shvirat Magen!” (Shield Breaker), you must react as though your shield has broken. You can have it fixed by a craftsman.

It should be noted that this action will take place IT, and for it to succeed the player must actually hit the shield they wish to break. For example, an enemy warrior may shout: “You call that a shield?! I will break it with one swing! “Shield breaker/Shvirat Magen!” – If the shield is hit, it will break and will not be able to block hits until it is fixed.


Pickpocketing mechanics makes use of stickers with symbols, which thieves possess. If you find such a sticker on your satchel, bag or pocket – you have been pickpocketed, and a GM or Player will approach you and demand a certain item. You mustn’t remove the sticker, as it signifies a successful theft. You must cooperate and handover the stolen item. If you have caught someone red handed (trying to stick you with the sticky end), you can react as though you’ve caught them with their hand in your pocket, and the attempt has failed.


The world of Castle Forged contains powerful alchemic toxins, such that it may only require a drop of poison on bare skin to kill a person. Similarly to pickpocketing, poisoning works using stickers with a matching symbol. If you’ve been stickered, you must read the effects of the sticker and perform accordingly, or alternatively according to the instructions of a GM or the poisoner. In most cases, this will cause some loss of HP. If you lose all your HP, you must act being poisoned to death (do not act “wounded” in this case).

A few of the poisons may cause “physical or mental defects” – these kinds of effects will continue until healed by a healer or until the character dies. The effects of most poisons end after visiting the Death’s realm, however some effects may remain even after returning to life (unless told otherwise – the effect ends with death).

Poisoning of a plate or cup

Only assassins may poison other characters directly, however, anyone can stick a poison sticker on the bottom of a plate or cup. Whoever eats or drinks from a poisoned vessel will be poisoned and must act accordingly.


Healers can try to dress and treat your wounds (to regain HP), heal a defect or help your character in various ways. Usually, the healing will take place in an infirmary, however some healers can give treatment in the field and even heal permanent physical or mental defects.


Diseases have long term effects on the body and/or soul; technically they are considered permanent defects (physical or mental). These will mostly be defects that add a certain aspect to the character’s role play. The infector will give the infected a note with a description of the disease and how to act accordingly.
So for example, if you receive a note with the Gluttony Disease, you must seek food and drink and consume excessively as described on the note you have received, until you are healed by a capable healer.
The disease can be spread by sticking a note on the victim (as with poisoning), by directly handing a note to the player, by Astral Walkers or by Game Masters.

Flags, Flag Bearers, Mineral

A flag bearer may not and cannot be harmed nor can a flag be stolen from them, unless told otherwise (for example, during war journey or a GM’s approval). For details see the Siege Rules and Main Game Mechanics.

It isn’t possible to steal or take a Mineral from a camp’s store without a GM’s approval.


There are magical characters who can apply magical abilities to other characters. To cast a spell on your character the mage will chant an enchantment, and describe the magical effect (name of the spell) followed by the phrase “Kach Yihiye” (So shall it be).

“Kach Yihiye” (So shall it be) is code for a mechanical spell that must be reacted to.

If you do not remember the spells, simply play along with the spell based on your logic. If you are unsure of the instructions, use your judgement and remember that the name of the spell is what it does. (Since the spells will probably be cast in Hebrew, try to follow someone else’s lead, or try to use context, if all else fails, ask for clarification)

Unless stated otherwise, a spell’s effect lasts 3 minutes.